We embrace our responsibility for the environment and to the community in promoting best practices in sustainability. From community engagement to environmental conservation,  below are some of the sustainability initiatives we have implemented at our property.


  • The Hotel building has Low-E glass (low emissivity glass) to minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light. Low-E glass windows have a microscopically thin coating that is transparent and reflects heat.
  • Energy-saving guest room controls.
  • Smart technology in guest rooms includes automatic shades to optimize energy efficiency, lighting and air-conditioning on motion sensor controls and intelligent programmed TVs for energy saving.
  • LED lighting throughout the hotel.
  • Energy consumption is carefully tracked, and measures implemented to minimize energy consumption.
  • We are pursuing opportunities to increase water reuse, such as using condensation water for cooling tower make-up water.
  • Managing wastewater treatment to minimize any adverse effect on the local environment and population.
  • Water saving faucets installed.


  • Minimize use of plastics in guestrooms, including use of reusable glass bottles for drinking water and implementation of wall mounted amenity dispensers within 2023.
  • Ensuring proper storage, handling, use and disposal of chemicals 


  • Where possible, our kitchens source local products from sustainable sources and we feature seasonal menu items.
  • We have a food waste reduction program in place.


  • Guests can engage in educational tours at local, natural, cultural, historical or heritage sites to learn more about the local community through our Concierge.
  • Employees volunteer in the local community, including through “Big Cleaning Day,” a citywide initiative.


  • Eco-certified cleaning products used wherever possible.
  • We avoid the purchase and use of single-use plastics in our operations and collaborate with suppliers to transit toward reuse models and reusable alternatives.